Last Updated 12/27/20 7:44 AM
End of year holidays schedule.

We would like to inform you about year-end and new-year's training schedule. The last train will be at December 28th.

Close : 29th December (Tue.)

Open : 6th January (Wed.)

<28th Dec, & 6th Jan. Schedule>

9:30-10:30  BASICS CLASS (all belts)

10:30-11:30 Blue〜Black belt classes

11:30-12:00 Free sparring session (any belt)

16:20-17:20 Kids class

17:30-18:30  BASICS CLASS (all belts)

18:30-19:00 Free sparring session (any belt)

19:00-20:00 BASICS CLASS (all belts)

20:00-21:00 Blue〜Black belt classes

21:00-21:30 Free sparring session (any belt)


Thank you.

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